Details on Electrolysis

Some facts about electrolysis

What is Electrolysis

Having excess body or facial hair for any female or male can prove to be an embarrassing problem. People who suffer from this often find themselves feeling self-conscious.

It can create adverse effects to one’s self esteem.

There are so many products for hair removal to choose from, choosing the right one can be hard. You don't have to search hard to find these hair removal products either. They are everywhere, in most drug stores.

Using hair removal products can be tedious and even dangerous, causing scarring and follicitis (bumps and persistent redness).

Electrolysis is the only permanent process for hair removal and can assist you in re-gaining your much needed self-confidence.

How is it Done?

A hair thin metal probe is inserted into a hair follicle. It does not puncture the skin. Electrical currents is then delivered to the follicle via the probe. Thus, the areas that produce these unwanted hairs are essentially “damaged” and thus ineffective.

Repeated treatments are necessary to achieve permanent results. However, hair that returns is thinner and less resilient. After a period of time, the Dermal Papilla, which is the source of nourishment for a hair follicle, is destroyed, thereby making hair growth impossible.

Types of Electrolysis

There are three main types namely:

1. Thermolysis

This method was developed in the 1940’s. It works with the type of current we have today (AC/DC). It is quick and causes no chemical reaction. It coagulates with the life source of the hair follicle (Derma Papilla), therefore eliminating it.

2. Galvanic

This was discovered by an ophthalmologist in St. Louis, Missouri in 1875. It was used to solve theproblem of ingrown eyelashes without disfigurement to the patient. It works by causing slat and water in the skin around the probe to be chemically altered to produce a small amount of sodium hydroxide or lye. If enough is produced, it damages the cells that cause hair growth.

3. Blend

This juxtaposes the quickness of thermolysis with the permanency of galvanic current.

Blend is recommended by several experts. However, based on your skin type (skin, texture, level of moisture), hair type, and client sensitivity, an Electrologist will select the appropriate current for you.

Using any of the methods mentioned above, current levels can be adjusted to maximize client comfort.

Where can I use it?


Facial hair on the chin, cheek and upper lip. Hairline: low forehead, nape hairline, and widow’s peak can be re-shaped to the clients needs. Eyebrows can also be reshaped permanently, putting an end to constant tweezing and waxing. Sideburns: Can be reshaped or permanently removed. ARMS and UNDERARMS:

Removing underarm hair can assist in reducing body odor and levels of perspiration or sweat.


Eliminates having coarse stubble which can be caused from razor or even waxing. It would be wonderful to say “good bye” to constant shaving of ones legs and bikini line!


For both men and women, removing undesired hair from these parts permanently can boost self- confidence.


Men can permanently remove or re-shape their beard to create a more aesthetically pleasing effect. Daily shaving can cause ingrown hair, and stubborn razor bumps. Electrolysis can permanently remove this problem.