Commonly Asked Questions

Skin damage is highly unlikely. However, some slight skin reaction may occur during the course of the treatment. If the skin reaction does persist for a long period of time, please consult the Electrologist for an analysis.

This is based on the client’s threshold. It does cause discomfort. Some individuals find the procedure painless whist others may find it somewhat uncomfortable but manageable.

It can also be affected by things such as stress, medication and caffeine. Furthermore, certain body parts can be more sensitive than others such as upper lip, chin and chest.

At Advanced Electrolysis, every treatment is individualized.

We try to maximize your comfort. You can even bring your favorite CD or tape to help you relax.

For eyelashes, a mole or a birthmark, a physicians approval is required. Furthermore, hair in the nasal passages and inner ear should not be removed by electrolysis.

The electrical current utilized is not dangerous. It is negligible and has no hazardous effects. The Electrologist controls the flow of current at every stage.

This is not predictable as every client is unique. It depends on the amount of hair growth, its density and coarseness, client’s tolerance, client’s number of treatments received and skin type.

Hair cycles are staggered and varied in length, so it can take up to several months to a year and sometimes longer to be able to find all unwanted follicles. Thus a series of treatments over a period of time is required.

After several consultations, the Electrologist may be able to estimate the time period.

The more treatments you receive, the better the results. Treating the hair immediately after re-growth is very beneficial. Being consistent with your appointments will prove to be the quickest and the most gratifying results for you. Some hairs may be resistant and require repetitive treatments. However, the hair will re-grow thinner and less resilient.

After treatment, one might have a slight redness and sometimes swelling. It disappears after a short period of time. You will be given instructions on appropriate after care which will allow you to continue with your daily routine.

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